Sagna v Mercedes SLS

Translated from French: ‘I spend childhood in Sens, France. At the time my father was a fitter and my mother took care of seniors, we were careful what we spent as a family. However, without telling us, one day my father went to Paris and returned in the afternoon, driving an Audi 80. We all thought it was an excellent car.’

From his early years, Bacary Sagna, also remembers that he did not stay in one spot very long, and travel turned into a nightmare when going to football games. With his career taking off, the former footballer of AJA bought an Audi A3, then a Mercedes ML and a Range Rover for the growing family, before bursting on to buy a Bentley Continental GTC – a stunning cabriolet.

And the Mercedes SLS seduced?, ‘Yes for the butterfly doors alone, it is brilliant! But you need long arms to close them. The drive is comfortable but sensible.’

Is the performance important? – ‘I do not pay too much attention, I am a relaxed driver, more-so since the birth of Elias. In Britain it is more comfortable to drive also, no-one honks the horns and people are more respectful of the rules.’

Is driving on the left complicated? – ‘The first time I took a friend so I wouldn’t make mistakes, but I did take a roundabout the wrong way! – This has been my only fear since.’